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Balcony Cleaning, The Best In Bangalore

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Say goodbye to dirty and uninviting balconies with our leading balcony cleaning services in Bangalore. 

Picture yourself stepping out onto a clean and fresh balcony, with every surface gleaming and inviting you to relax and unwind. That’s what you get with Clean Fanatics balcony cleaning service near you. From the floors to the railings, walls, and furniture, we use advanced techniques for a deep, thorough cleaning that takes care of every nook and cranny. 

No more worrying about unsightly messes or struggling to clean hard-to-reach spots. Just sit back, enjoy the view, and let us take care of the rest.

What’s included in Balcony Cleaning?

Worry not when you have the best balcony cleaning services near you! You can avail a comprehensive list of tasks that will leave your balcony looking spick-and-span. In our service, you get:
  • Manual scrubbing of the floor
  • Cleaning of handrails
  • Wiping plant of marks & iron stand stains
  • Removal of dust, dirt, bird droppings, and cobwebs
  • Wiping of balcony door

But that’s not all! You can also enjoy some additional services, as add-ons, like cleaning your balcony furniture and windows with our balcony cleaning services in Bangalore.

Service Time

1-2 hours, depending on the amount of work, it may vary sometime.

Why Choose Clean Fanatics For Balcony Cleaning?​

  • Keep your house looking its best with our regular balcony cleaning services
  • Don’t let dirty, unsightly office balconies detract from your professional image. Let us take care of it!
  • Protect your employees from slip and fall accidents by ensuring your office balconies are clean and safe
  • Extend the life of your balcony and prevent damage with our expert cleaning services
  • Impress the home visitors with a clean and well-maintained balcony that reflects a healthy environment

Frequently Asked Questions

Our balcony cleaning service typically includes a thorough cleaning of the balcony floor, walls, and railings. We also clean any windows or sliding doors that open onto the balcony. In addition, we can remove any debris, dirt, and dust from furniture and other objects on the balcony.

Yes, we can clean the furniture on the balcony as part of our balcony cleaning service. But that comes under add-on services which means, it would be extra chargeable apart from the original balcony cleaning service. We use quality cleaning products to remove any dirt or dust from the furniture, leaving it clean and refreshed.

Yes, we can clean plant pot stains as part of our balcony cleaning service. We use specialized cleaning products and techniques to remove stubborn stains and restore the appearance of your balcony.

Our Other Services Include:

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