Why choose Clean Fanatic over other cleaning services in Bangalore?

(1) We are a niche cleaning service provider. 

Our research, quality process and operations center on improving the home cleaning experience for residents of houses and apartments in Bangalore. Our focus is on:

  • using certified top-grade equipment that delivers the best cleaning results
  • using best-in-class cleaning solutions that are tested and approved
  • training our dedicated, in-house teams on materials, cleaning processes, and soft skills
  • building in-house infrastructure for impeccable service to customers
  • establishing a quality process that ensures customer satisfaction

(2) We have a proven record against allergies.

  • We understand the challenges faced by Bangaloreans.
  • Hundreds of customers experience improvements in allergy reactions after a Clean Fanatic service.
  • We are the top-rated residential cleaning service in Bangalore across Facebook, Google and Justdial.
  • We have been fighting allergies since 2010.


I want to applause Clean Fanatic Team for the great services ... Specially for all those who are allergic to Dust Mite, it is must for those because it reduces sneezing problem to a great extent.

Nidhi Mittal

We are house and apartment cleaning specialists, NOT service aggregators!

Focused on cleaning services - we go deep into it. Diverse services.
Can guarantee a consistent experience across bookings. Cannot guarantee a consistent experience.
No outsourcing. We have our own cleaning staff. Outsource work to third party providers.
Equipment is owned and serviced by us. No guarantees on the kind of equipment that will be used.
Focused on quality. Focused on scale.
Customer feedback is collected and acted upon instantly. While feedback is collected, accountability is lower.