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Guide For Office Disinfection Service In Bangalore Blog By Clean Fanatics

Combat Workplace Illnesses with Office Disinfection Solutions

Combat Workplace Illnesses with Office Disinfection Solutions

Guide For Office Disinfection Service In Bangalore Blog By Clean Fanatics

It must be a long time after which you would reopen your offices after the lockdown!!. Indeed the world would have changed post the Corona Virus Epidemic but are you aware that you still have the office to come back to. 

Clean Fanatics offers a full office disinfection service and deep cleaning in Bangalore to prevent virus,bacteria and germs from spreading in your office. Corona Virus has the ability to stay on contaminated surfaces for extended periods of time and hence it is imperative that disinfection be done before occupying the premises.

These topics are still under scientific observation and it will take time for a fool proof solution or even a vaccine to come into force. Till then it is wise to ensure we take all precautions as indicated by health authorities.

What Is The Process In The Office Disinfection Service And Deep Cleaning?

The process would be to start with a microbial aerial disinfection. We propagate the usage of an Ultra Low Volume fogging machine which will spread the disinfectant in a very small droplets and helps to cover large areas of the office with minimal disruption and in a short time interval.

This is followed by a wipe down of high risk and high touch areas such as

  • Door Handles and Knobs
  • Light Switches
  • Desks
  • Keyboards
  • Toilet areas
  • Kitchen
  • High Footfall areas like reception desk/ entry bay
  • Water filters

The CDC guidelines suggest that cleaning of visibly dirty surfaces and areas be done first and then should be followed up with a disinfection.

The Office  disinfection service in Bangalore  and deep cleaning will ensure you have the peace of mind . This will also make the staff & clients feel secure that the risks of infection have reduced dramatically.

Are The Disinfectants Safe ?

Yes the disinfectants we are using are Biodegradable and eco friendly and is 3rd generation quaternary ammonium compound. It is approved by the US EPA as well as by government authorities of many leading countries including India as a green disinfectant . It has been recommended for usage in healthcare facilities. We are one of the few organizations which are using disinfectants of such high quality. This is quite different from using chemical cleaners which will have one or more active ingredients. This leads to health risks with over-usage and health risks over regular exposure.

The Disinfectant is

  • Non toxic ,Non Corrosive, Non Hazardous
  • Does not produce any VOC’s and is non carcinogenic
  • Very effective Deodorizer

Our staff is fully equipped with the right PPE, Gloves and masks as recommended and we ensure they are fully protected before any cleaning activity is undertaken.

As a professional cleaning and disinfection company we are aware and adopt the latest developments in the disinfection world . So this means we are able to provide you with the latest possible products so that your office and surroundings are well taken care of . Call Clean Fanatics for professional Deep Cleaning and Disinfection service in Bangalore.

Avoid Face To Face Meetings

  • Ensure that the high contact points are repeatedly wiped down
  • After the end of the day the janitorial or housekeeping staff in the office should repeat the process they did at the start of the office. Either fogging using a ULV machine or disinfection using UV machine should be done before closure
  • The employees after reaching home should give their clothes for washing immediately as well as take a quick shower to ensure they are getting rid of COVID-19 virus

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