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Breathe Easy with Our Lasting Disinfection Service

Breathe Easy with Our Lasting Disinfection Service

Breathe Easy with Our Lasting Disinfection Service

Why Do We Need Disinfection Service ?

In a world where viral activity is at it’s peak and causing untold damage both to our physical health as well as the economy, it makes a lot of sense to launch disinfection services to remove the Corona virus . The disinfection service in Bangalore against Corona Virus can be done through the following methods such as chemicals, heat and ultraviolet treatment. A scientific way to remove the microorganisms is to use the prescribed dosage and concentrations . We should not either over compensate or under compensate the recommended dosage. The dosage will depend on a number of factors such as 

  • The contaminating organism
  • The extent of contamination
  • The presence of organic matter
  • The impact on machinery and equipment
  • The impact on the environment as well as cost

What Disinfectants are Used By Clean Fanatics For The Disinfection Service?

QA disinfectants carry a positive ionic charge and are especially effective against enveloped viruses such as Corona Viruses. These disinfectants have powerful antimicrobial activity against all types of pathogens. It is more powerful than the commonly used Disinfectants due to high stability and better shelf life . This disinfectant is also very safe for the soil and does not destroy the immediate environment  unlike disinfectants.

Corona Virus -Covid 19 History

The virus, technically named SARS-CoV-2, is a newly identified virus, It is the seventh Coronavirus known to infect humans. The resulting illness is referred to as COVID-19.

Outbreaks like SARS(severe acute respiratory syndrome) in China or MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome) in the middle east were due to transmission of a Corona Virus from an animal to a humans. SARS was typically detected when the corona virus jumped from most probably civet cats to humans . MERS would have occurred due to the transfer of the corona virus from Camels to humans.

The present Covid virus would have been mostly originated from bats as close to 96% of its RNA. Though no bats were being sold n Wuhan , China the place of origin of the Corona Virus, there might have been an intermediate species which would have carried and that is characteristic of such corona viruses.

What Makes This VIRUS Interesting And How Can Disinfection Service Help?

Another interesting fact about corona virus is that they are able to mutate quite rapidly .This implies that they have the ability to affect new cells as well as new species. That is the worrying part of these corona viruses and the faster we are able to eliminate them the better it is and that is why it is important to have quickly call disinfection service near me 

Within the Corona virus there are a few points of difference especially like the ones which cause cold and sniffles affect the upper respiratory tracts ( like the throat and nose) and the ones which cause severe illness affect the lower respiratory tract like the lungs and have the danger of causing Pneumonia. While there is a frenetic scientific progress with respect to the corona vaccine or removal, we should be very vigilant and follow the standard procedures of social distancing, washing our hand and exposed areas every 20 minutes using soap and water .

For office disinfection services we should get disinfection done using a broad spectrum disinfectant which is safe and easy to use as well as has the ability to kill these enveloped viruses such as corona Virus. Left to natural process we are now facing a near pandemic of unimaginable proportions and the sooner we are aware of our preventive measure we can halt the spread of this deadly scourge. Check from professional disinfecting services near to your area of operation.

What Is The Process That We Follow?

 CDC recommends that we clean and disinfect the high frequency touch areas such as door knobs, switches, chairs, desks. There is a possibility that a person can get COVID-19 through touching a surface which has the Corona Virus in it. This can then infect someone who touches  their mouth,nose or eyes . As a result it is highly recommended to clean the visibly dirty surfaces followed by disinfection services in place near me.

We are using a 3rd generation Quaternary Ammonium (QA) compound which is US EPA approved. Our surface disinfectant is used extensively across the healthcare and hospital industry . It can be cleaned and disinfects within a single step as well as it is completely safe for humans and we are probably the only disinfection service in Bangalore taking care of this aspect.

We are following the below process for Disinfection service in Bangalore 

  • First sprayed using a mist maker or a fogging machine which contains the diluted disinfectant.
  • The second step is to wipe down the high contact points such door knobs, switches etc are wiped down

Where Can Disinfection Services In Bangalore Against Corona Virus Be Used?

The disinfection services in Bangalore can be used in

  • Children play schools
  • Factories
  • Offices
  • GYM
  • Building spaces 
  • Lift Lobby

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